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Unlock the Gates to the Extraordinary

In the realm of the extraordinary, The Herd of Shadows emerges as an enclave for the undaunted. Here, exclusivity isn't just a word, it's a covenant.

Membership is as rare as it is revered, attainable only by those daring enough to part with $131,313.13


or, for the bold-hearted, a trade of their most challenging Bad Day.


Joining the Herd of Shadows gets you:

- One signed pledge saying you will have Good Days, we might visit you to make sure you have Good Days.

- A code to give your friends 15% off and for you to earn 15% everytime they get Good Day Optics gear. 

- One FREE Herd of Shadows tee when you spend $350 or more on GoodDayOptics.com.

- Bad Day Bonuses: Share your story, earn exclusive discounts and rewards.

- Exclusive Merchandise: Access members-only apparel and gear.

- Early Access & VIP Events: Be the first to explore new releases and attend special events.

- Shadows Spotlight: Celebrate your journey with the community.

- All kinds of other rad stuff we continue to create for the Herd.

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Trade your Bad Day away: