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In the mosaic of life, there are days that stand out—days filled with laughter, adventure, and moments that leave us longing for more. These are the days that we all seek, the days that stay with us long after the sun has set.

Welcome to Stoke Hunters, the podcast dedicated to uncovering the essence of these very days. Stoke Hunters: Hunting Good Days is not just a series of conversations; it's a collection of stories, insights, and revelations that come together to paint a picture of what it truly means to live life to its fullest.

Each episode is a new exploration into the diverse experiences that bring us joy, challenge us, and ultimately, shape our quest for fulfillment. Join us as we journey into the hearts and minds of adventurers, artists, athletes, and everyday people who, like you, are in the pursuit of something greater—a Good Day, defined on their terms.

From the peaks of the tallest mountains to the comfort of a backyard gathering, we examine the threads that connect our happiest moments.

Behind Stoke Hunters


Maranda, a dynamic 20-year-old from Edmonton, has immersed herself in the ski industry for eight seasons.

As an enthusiastic Freeride Skier primarily riding the Bow Valley mountains, she finds her greatest joy in sharing her passion for the sport and the thrill of a good ride with others.

Her favorite moments are those spent amidst like-minded souls, where every shared descent fosters deeper connections to the sport she loves.

You can follow her at @marandaisntreal

photo of Jared with skis and a helmet

Jared is an adventurer and the entrepreneurial spirit behind Good Day Optics, thriving amidst the Rockies'.

His mission is twofold: to ski every mountain resort known to man and to guide others in finding their 'Good Days.'

When he's not leaving trails in the snow, or on his mountain bike, he's connecting with fellow adventurers, sharing insights on navigating life's ups and downs with the same zest as a downhill run.

You can follow him at @szuchadventure


Jesse's love for snowboarding began at 15 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Now an accomplished instructor and avid freerider, he lives for the thrill of the slopes.

Balancing instructing with competitive aspirations, Jesse's passion extends to cinematography, capturing the spirit of snowboarding.

His goal is simple: inspire others to chase their dreams and find adventure in every turn.

You can follow him at @j.tancowney17

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What Our Community is like

Vince V.

I didn't think a sunglasses brand could have a community that is so friendly and pushes me to have more Good Days, but they changed my mind.

Staci H.

I've had the best time joining the community. They've been nothing but friendly and welcoming. They hype me up daily. 

Vanessa H.

I just joined the community and loved everything about it. We go mountain biking all the time and they continually hype me up to try new things. 

Logan K. 

I've loved shredding with the community, they welcomed me since Day 1. They push me to always smile on the slopes and have Good Days. 

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