Crafting Good Days: The Inspiration Behind Good Day Optics

Hi, I'm Jared, the founder of Good Day Optics or as I like to call myself, the Ski-EO. The story of Good Day Optics is deeply personal, rooted in love, loss, and a deep appreciation for the outdoors.

In 2022, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I found myself crafting origami elephants with words of motivation written on the back, each one made for every day she deserved to live. But she left us too soon, and in the depths of that pain, Good Day Optics was born.

It was the teachings of my mother: the importance of positivity, the value of being outdoors, and the enduring belief in good days that inspired me to create a brand that's about more than just high-quality sunglasses and goggles. It's about celebrating life, the outdoors, and cultivating a community, our Herd, that stands together to face the world's challenges and celebrate its beauty.

But we're not just about the mission. We're here to put you, our customers, first. We're so committed to making sure every day in the sun or snow is a #goodday, that if you scratch, break, or even lose your sunglasses or goggles, we'll get you a new pair. If our products aren't for you within 60 days, we'll send you your money back.

We may not be the largest sunglasses and goggles company, but we strive to be the best. Good Day Optics was born out of love, positivity, and resilience, and it's these values that continue to drive us today.

So, are you ready to join us in creating a world of Good Days? Follow us on our social media channels and be part of our journey. Here's to Always Good Days


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