Are You Adventure Ready?


It's biking season, get stoked for group rides and biking trips!

Are You Adventure Ready?

It's biking season, get stoked for group rides and biking trips!

The Good Day

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Why Good Day?

A Community of Amazing People

Join a collective of adventurers, artists, and sunshine seekers at Good Day, where diversity is welcomed and shared passions ignite friendships. Inspire and be inspired by those around you!


See More. Better.


Experience unmatched clarity and lasting durability with Good Day. Our lenses, featuring advanced anti-fog and full UV protection, ensure your adventures are all about crystal-clear views, minus the hassle.

Always Good Days

We're cultivating a movement dedicated to the ethos of "Always Good Days." Through every pair of glasses we design and every event we host, we are creating unforgettable experiences together.

The Good Day Guarantee


Life’s full of surprises, and damaging your favorite piece of gear can really ruin a great trip. We won't let that happen - with the Good Day Lifetime Guarantee, we’ve got you covered. If your goggles or sunglasses are scratched, cracked, or lost, we're here for you.

Our comprehensive warranty is designed to keep your good days rolling, no matter what.

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Our Community


Stoke Hunters Podcast


Embark on a Riveting Journey... With each episode, step into the lives of extraordinary individuals—adventurers, artists, athletes, and spirited folks like you—each sharing their unique recipe for a Good Day.

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Frame By Frame Blog


Every frame of our lives holds a story... and at Good Day Optics, we're not just about viewing the world through our lenses – we're about feeling it, living it, frame by frame.

We are sharing our story, one frame at a time.

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Herd of Shadows

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The Herd of Shadows isn't just a community; it's a covenant of like-minded souls dedicated to living life at its peak. Become a guardian of good days, a champion of positivity, and a part of a story that transcends time.

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Ordinary People Can Make Extraordinary Changes

Inspired by his mother's love of the outdoors, Jared created Good Day Optics. Driven by her spirit, he created eyewear that would match her zest for adventure.

The result was a collection of premium, technology forward, and ultra-durable optics. The Good Day collection strives to be more than just eyewear, but a trusty companion on your life's journey.

Every product is a tribute to her and the heros in our lives. Let's celebrate life and its adventures together.

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What People are Saying 

"The Emily goggles are phenomenal! No fogging, perfect vision clarity, and they're super comfortable too! Best goggles I've ever used!"

Justin C.

"Melissa sunglasses are fantastic. The sea water protection feature is genuinely remarkable, making my beach trips worry-free. Best purchase this summer!"

Robin R.

"The ultra-bright lenses of the Jenna sunglasses are a true revelation! They're not only stylish but also provide excellent protection. They've become my go-to for any sunny day."

Ester P.

"From comfort to clarity, the Emily goggles tick all the boxes. The color-enhancing lenses and quick strap adjustments have made my snowboarding experience unparalleled. Can't hit the snow without them!"

Chelsea H.

"The Melissa sunglasses are a game-changer - stylish, comfortable and they actually float! Best beach companion ever!"

April S.

"The Jenna sunglasses are just fabulous. They're lightweight yet durable, and the polarized lenses make a world of difference. My outdoor adventures just got an upgrade!"

Jodi D.

Get Your Optics Today 

Make every day a Good Day with a pair of our goggles or sunglasses.

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Ships From Canada

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Good Day Optics Founder with Good Days Or Else Tattoo

Message From The Founder


 At Good Day, we transcend the ordinary boundaries of an outdoor brand. We champion a deeper mission—a pledge to recognize and nurture the good in every day, no matter the challenges it may bring.

Our eyewear is more than a protective accessory; it's a testament to resilience and optimism, a tool to help you see the world with hope and clarity. Choosing Good Day means you're stepping into a circle of encouragement, where positivity prevails, and every member uplifts the other.

Learn About Our Community

Join the Community

Become a member of the Good Day Community for a chance to win free gear, get early access to new products, and see the latest in adventure sports action!

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