Why we are here

Hi, I'm Jared, the founder of Good Day Optics. We are a Edmonton-based sunglasses and goggle company that wants to ensure every day of yours is a good day.

I started Good Day Optics because I love being outdoors, it's probably the best thing in the world, especially skiing, my favorite. I created my flagship sunglasses in honour of my mom, Melissa, who recently passed away. She loved nothing more than being outdoors and in the sun. Having a good pair of sunglasses is all she needed!

If I'm being honest it's always been hard to find a good pair of sunglasses and goggles. Losing them, scratching them, breaking them and everything in between leaves a bit to be desired, especially when they don't work for you and now you're navigating a frustrating return policy. How do they know you're going to like it? They don't know you, or where you've been. Step off.

That's why I decided I wanted to try and revolutionize the sunglasses and goggle industry for one person at a time and create a sunglasses and goggles company that puts you (our customers) first. I know you don't know me (but hopefully that will change) so for now I have to start with the BEST policies (after that, maybe you can come to my next birthday, if that's too strong maybe just a beer first). Good Day Optics may not be the largest sunglasses and goggle company, but I will say that we will be the BEST sunglasses + goggle company you've worked with. 

If you scratch, break, or even just lose your sunglasses or goggles, I will get you a new pair. If our products aren't for you within 60 days, I will send you your money back.

I am a bit crazy (my wife Emily, our goggles are named after her, will agree with that), but I love our products so much and want you to love it so much I will do everything to make sure every day in the sun or snow is a #goodday.

If you haven't yet, please follow us on our social media channels. It would mean a lot ❤


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