BUIlt for the outdoors


Engineered for the adventurer, designed for Good Days. 

At Good Day Optics, we're not just about crafting the finest eyewear for your adventures, but also ensuring that they're with you for your journey.

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BUIlt for the outdoors

Engineered for the adventurer, designed for Good Days. 

At Good Day Optics, we're not just about crafting the finest eyewear for your adventures, but also ensuring that they're with you for your journey.

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Customers Come First

Our products have an unmatched lifetime warranty, covering everything from scratches to accidental losses. 


Purpose Built

Each product carries a story, named after an inspiring woman, connecting our customers with our journey and community.


60 Day Return Policy

We know you'll love our products as much as we loved making them. If you don't, send them back, hassle-free, for a full refund.

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When Adventure Calls, we've Got Your Back

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With our unmatched Good Day Lifetime Guarantee, you never have to worry about your eyewear letting you down. Whether they're damaged, lost, or stolen, we've got you covered. Just reach out, and we'll replace them, no hassle!

Why do we do it?

Because Good Day Optics was inspired by a deeply personal journey of overcoming daunting challenges and creating hope. We are in the business of creating Good Days, so dive into your adventure headfirst, without a speck of worry.

Whether they're damaged, lost, or stolen, your goggles are protected for life. Because we understand life's unpredictability, and we're here to ensure that your spirit of adventure remains unbroken.

The Good Day Guarantee Details

Much like our unique return policy, our guarantee echoes our ethos: We've got you covered, no matter what. We genuinely believe in the quality and durability of our products, but we also understand that life happens.

Here's how it works:

Coverage: Our warranty is comprehensive, covering not just manufacturing defects, but also the rough and tumble of life. Scratches, user-inflicted damage (yes, that includes that unexpected collision with a tree or the accidental tire track after a wild mountain bike trail), and even misplacing the product after an epic night out.

Duration: The warranty lasts for the lifetime of our product from the date of purchase, ensuring you have peace of mind when you use our eyewear. 

Exclusions: Abuse of the Guarantee will not be covered. The Good Day Guarantee does not cover clothing (headwear and apparel). 

Claim Process: No jumping through hoops. If you have a claim, just email us at hi@gooddayoptics.com. Provide us a brief description of the issue, and if possible, attach a photo. Our team will get in touch to help you out.

Replacement: Once your claim is approved, we'll either repair or replace your eyewear, depending on the damage. If the exact model isn't available, we'll provide an equivalent replacement.

Service Fee: We pride ourselves on a hassle-free warranty process. Should you need to make a claim, a service fee of $30 USD will apply to cover processing and shipping, ensuring we can continue to offer this unparalleled service.

Stay In Touch: Our commitment doesn't end with a sale. We're here for the entire journey. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to share a fun story, drop us a line at hi@gooddayoptics.com.

Note: The Good Day Lifetime Guarantee is applicable only to purchases made directly from www.gooddayoptics.com or an authorized Good Day Optics retailer or partner.

Jump into your next adventure with the assurance Of our Lifetime Guarantee 


For Winter


For Summer


For Winter

Jump into your next adventure with the assurance Of our Lifetime Guarantee 


For Winter


For Summer


For Winter



"Just unboxed my Jenna’s, and they’re beyond gorgeous. The thought and care put into the design is so evident. The unlimited warranty is such a confidence booster. Every gal needs a pair!"

Vanessa H. 


"Having tried countless sunglasses, The Melissa’s are a breath of fresh air. The vibe of the community and the solid warranty make it a no-brainer for me. Best purchase this summer!"

Julie S.


"In love with my new sunnies! They don't just look fab but are super durable too. The VZN tech is a dream come true for clarity."

Mandy S.


"These are amazing goggles! They come with two great lenses that are magnetic and they fit super well!"

Ben L.


"I love that these goggles were designed by a local artist, they definitely stand out way more than my previous pairs and I get so many compliments. I also love how if I have any issues, good day will take care of me."

Roxy W.


"So far in my life I’ve never had a pair of goggles that fit me so well, nothing ever gets in when I crash a cliff drop."

Sara H.


"I’ve never had sunglasses that give so much contrast and clarity. They make my eyes feel happy just wearing them."

Tamara F.


"I grabbed these on pre-order, they fit amazing and I love the 3 bonus lenses I got. They are amazing for mountain biking!"

Brad H.

IMG_0809 (1).JPEG__PID:bf9efea5-199e-4fb5-8e62-41c676351328

"As an avid mountain biker, I need sunglasses that can keep up. The Jenna sunglasses are durable, stylish, and offer crystal clear vision. Highly recommended!"

Jeff t.


"Love the quality of the Jenna sunglasses. Great for biking as they improve clarity immensely."

Taylor H.


"From snowstorms to sunny days, the Emily goggles have been outstanding. Love the anti-fog feature and the secure fit."

Jeff L.


"The story behind Good Day Optics added an emotional touch to my purchase. Every time I wear my Melissa sunglasses, I'm reminded to make it a 'Good Day' on the slopes."

Tiffany F.


"Just took my Emily goggles on a skiing trip to Marmot. They're nothing short of amazing! Crystal clear view, even in foggy conditions. Couldn't ask for more."

Ryan D.


"These have great magnetic lenses and great ventilation. My face is always warm but never hot. I can also see everything."

Ethan W.

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