Transforming Bad to Good: The Creation of the International Day of Hardship

In the life of every person, company, and community, there are days that stand as pillars, indelible marks in the fabric of our shared experience. Today, we celebrate one such occasion – the International Day of Hardship.

At Good Day Optics, we've always been about more than just making your BEST + LAST pair of sunglasses or goggles. Our mission has been clear from day one: to help people see the good in every day, even on the days that challenge us most. That mission stems from a deeply personal story – a loss that led to the birth of our brand and, now, to the creation of a day dedicated to acknowledging our hardships and transforming them into wellsprings of resilience.

Last year, today, our founder lost someone incredibly close to him. His mother, the one who showed him to look for the good and always loved being outside, passed away. The depth of this loss, this very personal hardship, became the foundation upon which Good Day Optics was built. Grief has a strange way of sharpening our perspective, making us reevaluate the world around us.

Our founder made a choice: instead of letting the darkness win, he decided to celebrate his mother's life by creating something that would make her proud. The International Day of Hardship isn't about wallowing in our struggles or surrendering to our difficulties. Instead, it's about pausing to acknowledge them, owning them, and then moving forward with renewed strength, hope, and determination.

We created this day to remind ourselves and our community that it's okay to have a bad day. More than that, we made a promise – the 'Good Days or Else' pledge. If you're having a tough day, we're here to help you through it. We're here to remind you that after every storm, the sun will rise again.

Today, we invite you to join us. Recognize your hardships, reflect on the strength they've given you, and let's move towards a future where every day is a good day, or else. In memory of our founder's mother and in honor of each of you in our herd, we're turning a day of personal hardship into a universal beacon of resilience.

Let’s remember, together, we have the power to transform our worst days into our best, and to help others do the same. Welcome to the International Day of Hardship. Today, we don’t just recognize hardship—we overcome it.

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