Unpacking 'The Herd': How Death and Paper Shaped Our Community

At Good Day Optics, we've always been about more than just creating exceptional sunglasses and goggles. We're about creating a community—a judgment-free space of unwavering support and resilience that we've affectionately named 'The Herd'.

The story behind 'The Herd' begins on a day of hope and despair when our founder's mother, amidst her fierce battle with cancer, whispered the words no one ever wants to hear: "I can't beat this one." At that moment, our founder, fuelled by love and a desperate need to inspire hope, told her, "It's one day at a time, Mom. Some days are good, some are bad. We just have to keep going."

It was then that she posed a question that would shape the philosophy of Good Day Optics: "How do you eat an elephant?" Puzzled, our founder asked for the answer. A knowing smile appeared on her face as she replied, "One bite at a time."

That poignant metaphor sparked a tangible symbol of hope—origami elephants. Each day, our founder would craft one of these delicate paper creatures, inscribing them with words of motivation, strength, and love. These elephants were meant to be daily reminders that no matter how big the obstacle—like an elephant— it could be overcome one small step, or bite, at a time.

The goal was to make 18,000 elephants, one for every day his mother would continue to be with them. Despite not reaching that number, each origami elephant stood as a testament to courage, determination, and the power of taking life one day, one challenge, one victory at a time.

When Good Day Optics was born, inspired by this deeply personal journey, it seemed only fitting to name our community 'The Herd'—a tribute to the enduring spirit of the woman who inspired it all and the strength in the philosophy of taking life one day at a time.

'The Herd' is more than just a community. It's a philosophy of living, of embracing every day with courage and tenacity, inspired by the spirit of the origami elephants. These tiny paper creatures serve as a reminder that every large task, every daunting journey, every mountainous challenge can be overcome—one step, one breath, one day at a time.

It's not about fighting our own 'elephants' but harnessing the strength and resilience these creatures symbolize. It's about reminding each other that no matter how insurmountable a challenge may seem, we can face it head-on and progress, one step at a time.

In 'The Herd', we stand together, acknowledging each other's journeys, offering words of encouragement, and sharing in the strength of our collective resilience. We invite you to join 'The Herd' — a tribute to unity, hope, and unwavering support. Together, we can face each new day, turning even the toughest ones into good days.


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