We have built a return and warranty policy so unique that
you won't believe you don't have to hop around on one foot to make a return or
replace your purchase. We don't like that, and you won't find it here.

Your return and warranty experience will be so smooth that you will have to tell all
your friends about it.

We wanted the best in the industry so we built it.

Popular Questions

It's called the "We don't care what you did with it" Return Policy. You're going to be happy with your purchase from Good Day Optics and we make sure of it. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please email us at hi@gooddayoptics.com to get in touch. Should you need to return a product, we accept returns for all online orders from www.gooddayoptics.com, or a Good Day Optics authorized retailer or partner within 60 days of the purchase date. The product can be opened, used, abused or anything in between. Please email us at hi@gooddayoptics.com to start your return policy.

Our lifetime warranty (“Warranty”) covers any and all problems in materials or craftsmanship of Good Day Optics sunglasses or snow goggles (including scratches), all accessories, wearables, and snow goggle straps, and all snow
goggle related items purchased from Gooddayoptics.com, or a Good Day Optics authorized retailer or partner. Our return and warranty policy even covers
normal wear and tear on your purchase. Please email us at hi@gooddayoptics.com
to start your warranty process.

If your sunglasses or snow goggles become lost for any reason at all, you may request a new pair by submitting a request to us at hi@gooddayoptics.com. Proof of purchase may be required to make a Replacement Request.

Currently they are no limits for our lost or stolen replacement policy, however, if we deem that it is being abused by an individual(s), the program may change for them or for everyone.